Producer/Director Danielle Earle from LA Web Series Award Winning Series "Brooklyn Is In Love," presents her seventh production from PL Entertainment LLC, "Haunted Mind of An Insomniac," starring Ebeneezer Nii Sowah, Leigh Poulos, and Irma Cadiz.  

Danielle has been working in the film industry for 8 years. She is a member of the Writer's Guild of America East, and has been recognized in the media for the critically acclaimed LGBT feature film "Lover's Game,"starring Crawford M. Collins, Miranda McCauley, and Blaine Pennington. The film has been featured in many publications such as Curve Magazine, AfterEllen, SheWired, Women of Upstate New York, and News 12 New Jersey. 

"When writer, producer and director Danielle Earle set out to create the vivid world of Lover’s Game, an enigmatic story of sex, art, love and scandal came to life. Co-written by Earle and Stephanie Lazorchak, this cleverly scripted film, striking in its delivery, will utterly capture you.."- AfterEllen

This Summer, Danielle directed, "In the Attic," a play written by Award Winning Playwright, Liz Amadio of "The Voire Dire Project," and owner of Cosmic Orchid Project that was a part of the Dream Up Festival at Theater for The New City. 

Her latest Award Winning Film, "Lea," Produced by Danielle's company, PL Entertainment LLC, and directed by Award Winning Filmmaker Jay Palmieri just won 3 Awards this fall, including the Award of Recognition for the Best In Shorts Competition,and Best Audience Choice of the Month Award at Direct Monthly Online Festival, and LA Independent Film Festival Awards. The film is currently screening at Los Angeles Cinefemme.

What's Next? Danielle is producing a feature length film titled, "The Haunted Mind Of An Insomnia," starring Ebeneezer Nii Sowah, Leigh Poulos, and Irma Cadiz. 

She has also signed on as the Executive Producer of the feature film "PLAY," written and directed by Jay Palmieri, the LGBT Web Series, "Jaded - The New York Effect." 

Check out her recent interview on Bronx Net Television, presented by Cinefemme, and Bronx Filmmakers Collective Here


After a murder leaves a peaceful Harlem apartment building in shambles, writer Terrence Cleaver finds himself haunted by his unfinished novel. As his sleeplessness escalates, he finds himself trapped between reality and his deadly craving to kill. Will Terrence ever find love--in his madness-- or will it drive him to kill--in his dreams?"