Animation and Visual Effects
Danielle Earle
Stephanie Lazorchak
Author/ Screenwriter Stephanie Lazorchak is currently an MFA student at the Academy of Art University.

Aside from her experience in illustration, and  new media, she continues to have a strong admiration for music and film.

Recently Stephanie has written a series of short stories such as Remember Murder, You and Me, Love and Chocolate. Up next is the long anticipated web series Brooklyn Is In Love.

Stay Tuned for more updates....

Ronny Hardyanto
Michael Bunker
3D Animator
Rebecca Pena
3D Animator/ Editor
Bee Lee
3d Animator
Tim Woody
3d Modeler
Ashley Grabowski
Photographer/Production Assistant
My name is Ashley Grabowski, and I am a writing major at William Paterson University. 

I practice photography as a hobby and enjoy every aspect of it full heartedly. 

Along with all of this I play soccer for William Paterson.  My home town is in Woodbridge, NJ and I'm very involved with the NJ local music scene through my sister (Drummer of Broken By Production) and many close friends. 

As an aspiring photographer/writer, PL entertainment is a perfect opportunity for me to expose myself and OTHER aspiring artist
Ronny Hardyanto has been working in the field of Animation and Illustation for over 15 years.                                                                                         Ronny and his wife Yufie enjoy drawing a variety of different genres such as, comic book illustration, character design, graphic design, package design, and animation. There dedication and determination definitely shows in there illustrations.                    

SKILLS:Adobe Illustrator CS, Freehand MX, and Macromedia Flash

My name is Danielle Earle and I am the CEO and Founder of PL Entertainment.                                

After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California (majoring in Animation and Visual Effects), I continued my field of study producing the animated series, Lost and the Suburbs and The Perfect Life.

In 2005 I started a production company called PL Entertainment.  Most of my animated work can be found on 

In 2009, I started the On The Scene Series, interviewing all of the best bands in NY and the UK.
Since On The Scene, I produced a series of short films: Where the Road May Lead Us, and Break, followed by the music video called "Hopelessness" by Justin Levinson.

Stay tuned for our web series "Brooklyn Is In Love"
and the short film "Single Girls Therapy."

A lifelong passion for cartoons and entertaining drove Michael Bunker to study Illustration and Drawing for his BFA at University of Hartford in CT.

Deciding he needed formal training in Animation, he started the 2D Animation MFA program at the Academy of Art University 3 1/2 weeks after getting his BFA, and has been loving it. His favorite cartoons growing up were Ren & Stimpy and classic Looney Tunes, with their comedic timing and slapstick. He plans to move down to Hollywood immediately upon graduation to work in TV and/or feature and/or internet animation. (He keeps up with the state of the industry.)

Rebecca Pena is currently a Junior at the School of Visual Arts, majoring in Animation. She's has had many years of experience in Animation and Visual Effects, as well as Illustration. Last Summer she had completed an animation for Justin Levinson, "City With Two Streetlights,"  music video.              

This is only the begin for Rebecca Pena's career as an Animator. Soon,  we hope to see more of her animations featured on website.

I'm currently in my second year at the Academy, majoring in Animation & VFX, and  Character Animation.   I'm the second generation in my family living in the U.S. and  I am very proud to be the first among my family line to accomplish my H.S. Diploma, my Criminal Justice Diploma, and the Arm Services.

Originially I  planned on majoring in criminal justice after high school, but after accomplishing my some of my studies and being employed by the police department I soon realized it wasn't for me. I left my hometown to join the service in hopes of creative challenges and adding more qualifications to my resume.  From there was where I built my foundation in pursuing Art.  I know it will be a life long education but I hope to learn and obtain as much skills I need to be diverse in this area.Feel free to email me, to view more of my artwork, as well as my porfolio online.

Tim Woody was born in Reno NV but at the age of 5 moved to california and has stayed there ever since. As a little boy Tim Grew up with video games including the street fighter and final fantasy series that drew him into 3d.

When Tim learned of the Academy of art he knew that was his dream school. Tim is currently attending the Academy of art majoring in 3d Modelling. He graduates in 2010.

Director of Photography
Jennifer Arrega

Film Department
Laura Straubing
PR/ Photographer
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My name is Laura Straubing and I reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have always had an enormous passion for photography and music. Within the past year I have taken that passion to the next level and currently work as an Event/Concert Photographer whenever I can outside of my 9 to 5.

I spend as much time as I can furthering my knowledge of photography with classes and studio workshops.  PL Entertainment is a great way for me to get more experience and more exposure and I am really excited to work with everyone! In addition to photography my background is in IT and I hope to contribute some of my coding/programming skills to the web-site developments of PL Entertainment
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In 2010, Jennifer Arrega graduated at the CIty College of New York and received a BFA in Writing and Directing Feature Films.

Jennifer has over 5 years of experience working in video production, directing and editing. Aside from producering her own films independently, Jennifer recently finished an internship at  MTV Networks, as well  producted and distributed footage for unsigned artists and bands in New York.

This year Jennifer will be working of variety of productions produced by PL Entertainment, starting with "Brooklyn Is In Love" this fall, followed by the feature film "Remember Murder" Summer 2011.

Where The Road May Lead Us (Written/Directed/Produced by Danielle Earle)Where The Road May Lead Us (Written/Directed/Produced by
Danielle Earle)Justin Levinson - Hopelessness music video (March 2010 Directed by Danielle Earle)
Set Designer
Barbara Bourque